[amsat-bb] Re: Organised Chaos.

Steve Attfield steven_a at rogers.com
Thu May 15 05:17:05 PDT 2008

Since everyone else is I might as well throw my 2 cents worth in here. I 
would guess that the OP is a fairly well established person and is able 
to afford all the fancy equipment that goes into making a top notch 
station for the linear birds. Good for him! I have no problem with 
people who can as long as you consider that the best some of us can 
afford is a simple FM transceiver and a few homebrew antennas to access 
the birds. So the way I see it either we need more fm birds to reduce 
the load or we need a way for more of us to be able to use the ssb sats
-Steve VA3SAX

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