[amsat-bb] Re: Organized Chaos.

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed May 14 16:44:36 PDT 2008

Im tired of the old FM bashers.
The FM birds attract a lot of users and QRM.
So cleary a lot of folks like them.

Besides, tune into any of hundreds of frequencies on the ham
bands during a contest and you will hear the same thing.  Zero
usefull commmunications capability but a heck of a lot of folks
seem to be enjoying it.

I wish the old fud FM bashers would just go find something in
Ham radio they enjoy and go do it, rather than complaining about
what others find fun in the hobby..

My experience in 46 years of ham radio is that there is room in
it for everyone and everyone's interests.  But nothing,
absolutely nothing, is gained by bashing what other people
enjoy.  If you find something you like in the hobby, do it.  If
not, then get out of the way.



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> And now for a dissenting opinion.....
> FM sats work. They serve a good purpose. I, and a hundreds of 
> other sat ops 
> enjoy them. Sometimes the communications can be chaos, but 
> most passes here 
> they are not over used.
> Dave are you one of the guys who also complained about the 
> 'ditters' on the 
> linear birds? And the guys who don't follow the 'one true 
> rule' on the 
> linear birds? And the guys who slide by up/down onto your qso 
> on the linear 
> birds? And the guys running too much power and loading down 
> the passband on 
> the linear birds. Is that good operating?
> Yes, poor operating habits can appear anywhere. So instead of 
> grinding your 
> ax all the time, be an elmer.
> Ernie
> Dave Guimont wrote:
> > John, the operation of FM voice satellites is a travesty 
> for ham radio...
> > 
> > I've been licensed for 57 years, on amateur satellites for
33 years 
> > (Oscar 7) and the FM voice operation is the most ridiculous 
> > aberration I've witnessed in all of amateur
> > exists here also!!
> > 
> > It is pretty obvious NO COMMUNICATION exists on AO51,
> > all of their communication is on here.  Why do they bother
to turn 
> > the radio on???
> > 
> > Many of us attended AMSAT a lot conventions in an attempt to

> > discourage throwing that money "down the tubes" on FM voice,
to no 
> > avail.  Someone had an "ax to grind", and several of the
> > "powers that be" in AMSAT-NA told me to "mind my own 
> business".  They 
> > were obviously the "ax grinders".
> > 
> > FM voice on the amateur satellites is about equal to the 
> same degree 
> > of difficulty as a cell phone operation!
> > 
> > No wonder our membership is deteriorating.
> > 
> > Ancient AO7 and present VO52 hopefully are keeping some
> > until Europe launches P3E....
> > 
> > That's where my donations go.....
> > 
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