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Ben Jackson bbj at innismir.net
Wed May 14 13:52:20 PDT 2008

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Dave Guimont wrote:
| John, the operation of FM voice satellites is a travesty for ham radio...

That's your opinion. State it as such.

| It is pretty obvious NO COMMUNICATION exists on AO51,
| all of their communication is on here.  Why do they bother to turn
| the radio on???

I'm approaching 100 QSOs on FM sats and can average about 3-4 per pass.
I don't understand what the communication issues you are having. I
practice courteous communication and evangelize to others to do the same.

| Many of us attended AMSAT a lot conventions in an attempt to
| discourage throwing that money "down the tubes" on FM voice, to no
| avail.  Someone had an "ax to grind", and several of the existing
| "powers that be" in AMSAT-NA told me to "mind my own business".  They
| were obviously the "ax grinders".

<rant>Yes. Let's toss our money on sats that only a select few people
with special equipment (e.g. stuff that a new Ham would not have access
to) that ought to show those plebian FM operators.</rant>

Your complaint is that the FM sats are in over-used and that SSB
satellites are less crowded. Such a statement points to the fact that
more money should be focused on FM sats rather the SSB as it would
"reach" the most people.

| FM voice on the amateur satellites is about equal to the same degree
| of difficulty as a cell phone operation!

With the amount of people posting on here (and some lurking) that having
difficulty getting "on" AO-51, that statement is ludicrous.

| No wonder our membership is deteriorating.

Perhaps the solution is *MORE* FM sats, rather then less. The more FM
birds in orbit the less people per bird. Or perhaps the reason
membership is deteriorating are the attitudes give to us lowly FM operators.

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