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Sebastian-Currently the best SSB/cw satellite (my opinon) is AO-7. http://www.planetemily.com/ao7/ao7log.php 432 up and 145 down, from your QTH you can even "see" a piece of Europe, where there is a lot of activity.  I use an old IC-251A and an IC-451A radios. You really don't need a lot of power.  If money is an issue these old radios are just fine.  The FM satellites are ok if all you want to do is swap grid squares, whereas on AO-7 you can actually have a conversation.  For future HEO satellites you will need 70cm/2M at very least.  Good luck!
73 Bob W7LRD

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> About 10 years ago or so, I owned a Yaesu FT-736R, and used AO-10, 
> UO-16 and a few others. I had a lot of fun. Family and job 
> obligations, as well as several hurricanes later (I'm in South 
> Florida), I ended up getting out of radio for many years. 
> Now, things have changed. I'm disabled, so I was able to retire early 
> (49 years old). I can't do any tower work, or antenna work anymore, 
> so I have to rely on a friend. 
> I kept my old AOP-10 antennas, my Yaesu G-5400B rotor, and I currently 
> have an Icom IC-746 (non-pro) and a Yaesu FT-8800. 
> I plan to put back up my AOP-10 antennas, and work the FM birds. 
> So here is my question. Considering the equipment I have right now, 
& gt; and the birds that are currently up; is it worth it for me to get a 
> satellite radio at this time? I'm interested only in voice. 
> Should I even consider the old 736R, or go for the newer IC-910H. I 
> loved the 736R, but they still demand a lot on eBay; and it's an old 
> rig, which I'm not sure there are still parts available from Yaesu in 
> the event it requires service in the future. It's also a relatively 
> low powered rig, compared to the IC-910H, and even my IC-746. 
> The IC-910H is expensive, however it's a current model, and puts out 4 
> times the power of the 736R. But it's about 40% higher in price than 
> a 736R. 
> Are there any birds planned for the near future which will require 440 
> SSB? I would appreciate any thoughts as to which direction I should 
> go (I hope I have posted this in the right list). 
> 73s de W4AS. 
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