[amsat-bb] Decoding SEEDS 9k6 GMSK Packets

Sion Chow Q. C. (9W2QC) 9w2qc at 9w2qc.net
Sun May 11 21:35:40 PDT 2008

Dear All,


Sometimes, SEEDS is heard transmitting in 9600 baud GMSK or 1200 baud AFSK.


Could someone please advice me:

1. Is the 1200 baud AFSK decodable using standard 1200 baud TNC?  Sorry I
have not attempted to decode it yet as all packet passes were copied when I
was not in the shack, and unfortunately done in USB mode (in anticipation
for the CW beacon)


2. What software are available for decoding 9600 baud GMSK Packets?
Something that uses soundcard based solutions would be the best for me.  


Thank you very much in advance.



Sion Chow Q. C.,



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