[amsat-bb] bias tee circuits and components for 2.4 GHz downconverter

Michael Tondee mat_62 at netcommander.com
Sun May 11 10:01:31 PDT 2008

I have a  Pacific Monolithics surplus MMDS downconverter here that I would like to get up and running on S-band. It has an 122 MHz IF and I want to whip up a bias -tee to power it. I've looked at the circuits in the Satellite Experimeters handbook and my problem is finding an rf choke of the right value that is readily available in my area. Shouldn't I be able to just wind  something with an air core out of magnet wire or something similar that will do the trick? According to the circuit I have I'd need about a 1.5 uh choke for 146 Mhz and it isn't critical so that's probably close enough for my downconverters IF frequency. I hate to spend shipping charges to get one little choke or ferrite core for winding a choke on here. Most places have a minimum order and I don't need anything else at this time. I'd also welcome links to any other circuits that might be out there.
Michael, W4HIJ

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