[amsat-bb] Mode S Antenna question

Ronald Nutter rnutter at networkref.com
Sat May 10 06:26:45 PDT 2008

I have been using a 2.4 ghz Vagi antenna for my Mode S antenna the past 
few days.  I am seeing quite a bit of signal droppout as AO-51 does a 
little rotating.  With a circular polarized antenna do any better ?  I 
have found a source for a 2.4ghz 10 db RHCP antenna and thought about 
trying that.  I know I cant get it before AO-51 goes back to V/U mode 
but thought I could try that next time.  The antenna I found has about a 
50 degree pattern so I should get decent coverage since I have it 
pointed at a fixed elevation because I dont have an az/el rotor.


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