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Alan ve4yz at mts.net
Mon May 5 19:26:11 PDT 2008

Me again, 3.50b is the most current eprom.  You must connect it to an
external 12 VDC even when in standalone mode.

Finally, the binary switch ( one of my TrakBoxes has a rotary and the other
has 2 push buttons for moving up and down the 9 satellites plus "0" for
normal mode ) on mine does not automatically switch satellites when you
switch between "0" and any satellite.  It also does not switch back to "0"
terminal mode from any satellite.  The first change in switch position
requires a reset.  So once I have gone to "1" from "0" and do a reset, I can
then go to any other satellite with just the switch.

If I then go back to "0" I need to again "reset".  An ON/OFF is as good as a
"Reset".  On the original kit the reset was a momentary ON switch at the

I just checked the schematic and parts list from 1993 and the switch is
referred to as a 16 position BCD switch.

Hope this helps.

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hello all

my 'old' trackbox  (dusty!) ,after 5 years of sleep, doesnt work in stand
alone mode anymore ; terminal mode works perfectly. Ram has been cleared ,
clock adjusted, new keplers loaded ; version is 3.50b.

Any ideas ?


renauld  on4kvi
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