[amsat-bb] FCAL still alive

Armando Mercado am25544 at triton.net
Sun May 4 05:12:13 PDT 2008

Just copied ANDE FCAL (cat. #29667) on 437.385 during the
1140 UTC pass over EN62.
Space-Track has predicted re-entry of May 2.  It is amazing
how low this "cannon ball" is.  This last pass was a near
over head pass and the range was 162 miles at closest approach.
Height is 138 miles.  Even so, reception is difficult.  There seems
to be many deep nulls in the antenna pattern of this bird.

Some packets from yesterday and today.  All time UTC:

03-May-08  10:28:31 
03-May-08  10:28:38  KD4HBO>TELEM,TELEM:Analog 
0008000000F400DB00A4000900DE0004 N 0000001E
03-May-08  10:29:16 
03-May-08  10:29:23  KD4HBO>TELEM,TELEM:Analog 
000400FC00F400DD00A900FA00DE0004 N 0000001E

04-May-08  10:11:15 
04-May-08  10:12:44 
04-May-08  10:12:52  KD4HBO>TELEM,TELEM:Analog 
0012000000EC00DC00AD00FB00DD0011 N 0000001E
04-May-08  10:13:29 
04-May-08  10:13:37  KD4HBO>TELEM,TELEM:Analog 
001100F500ED00DC00AC00FB00DE0008 N 0000001E

04-May-08  11:43:15 

73, Armando, N8IGJ

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