[amsat-bb] FT 847 and Doppler for Delfi

john heath g7hia at btinternet.com
Sat May 3 15:31:28 PDT 2008


Having fun here with Delfi and RASCAL. Keeping on tune and in sync is quite tricky though. 

Using computer control via the CAT port the Yaesu FT847 seems to limited to 10Hz steps.
When manual tuning the available steps are Normal 0.1, 1, 10 Hz. Default 1Hz  ( page 23 in the manual)

Does anyone on the bb know if the CAT frequency step can be modified, perhaps by a hidden menu or similar.

BTW this 10Hz limitation seems to apply to the FT817 as well.

A posting from YAESU on this subject would I am sure be of interest as there are a lot of FT847 users on this bb.

73 John G7HIA

PS/ thanks to the Delfi team,  and especially Wouter  PE4WJ for his neat telemetry program.

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