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> All,
> I have an old Yaesu G-500A elevation rotator mated to a Yaesu G-800SDX
> and would like to use computer controll for both. They each have their
> own controller, but they do not have buit-in computer controll boards.

> Idiom ( http://www.idiompress.com/rotorcard.html ) makes a board for the
> G-800SDX, but I can't find anything for the G-500A.
> What would be the best inteface / boads to use with this set-up? The
> Yaesu GS-232 interface is a bit pricy and was wondering about an
> alternative. I use NOVA software for tracking.
> Thanks,
> Tony -K2MO

Hi Tony K2MO

The G-500A like the KR-500 elevation rotators have only UP and 
DOWN manual switches and do not have relays into the controlbox to
use it through computer control.

I did the modification inside a KR-500 controller using basically the same
circuit of the G-5400 

In a separate email I have sent to you the schematic diagram of it.

73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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