[amsat-bb] 01052008 1603UTC Delfi_c3 packets copied

Mark L. Hammond n8mh at embarqmail.com
Thu May 1 11:05:10 PDT 2008

As per subject--Delfi-c3 copied on 145.930 on a noon-time pass over Eastern US, FM05pj at N8MH.  This was a descending pass!  (I wasn't at home, so no observations to make). 

Question---is the packet count in the upper left region cumulative for the entire database?  Or is it just for my station during the recent session? 

I'm tending to think it's cumulative, and that lower right packet count is for that RASCAL session.   Can anybody comment/confirm? 

Thanks and 73, 

Mark L. Hammond [N8MH] 

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