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Note  that Delfi has been in full sun for more than half its orbit before it
hits  ZL and progressively loses the sun before going into eclipse South of
ZL so  the above may not represent what happens as Delfi comes out of eclipse
in  the Northern hemisphere.

Hi Alan / Ib
That it is still operational over ZL after half an orbit is very  
encouraging.  Perhaps we have seen the last of the 'feature'  of turning off shortly 
after coming out of eclipse. As the team  predicted.
At Surrey the team announced the Delfi N3XT project (pronounced  'next').  
The satellite will be a 3cube design but with bigger panels and 3  axis 
stabilization and a power budget much greater than DO-64. They are looking  for ideas 
to put on the mission to give some amateur radio functionality in  addition to 
the science they have planned.  V down link and U uplink  will be used for 
communications. I wonder if 'we' could suggest something  in addition to the 
obvious transponder.  - September deadline for the  mission plan. Perhaps the BB 
could come up with a list of suggestions.
Perhaps with 3 axis control, a small camera with an image to slowscan  
converter would be good. - Then the team can use it to confirm the pointing  
accuracy of the satellite and potentially use the GENSO network to issue a  'take 
picture' command.


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