[amsat-bb] Fox Delta ST3 problem

morry@tekinnovations.com.au morry at tekinnovations.com.au
Sun Jul 27 17:28:55 PDT 2008

Hi all,

I have a Fox Delta ST3 interface, and I can't get it working properly. So far I have:

Adjusted the full scale on the 5500 as per the manual.
Set the output adjust voltage to 4.5 (also tried 4.7) volts.

When the ST3 says 360 degrees, the 5500 display says around 290.

It's almost like it was not designed for a rotator that turns 450 degrees (I know this is not the case).

I even set the rotor to 360 degrees and tried to adjust the output adjust voltage to get 360 on the ST3 - there was not enough range!

We have two of these units and both behave the same. Our home made interface works fine!

Any ideas?


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