[amsat-bb] Re: Delfi C3 transponder frequencies ?

Alan Cresswell alancresswell at xtra.co.nz
Sun Jul 27 14:39:46 PDT 2008

Hi David,


The frequencies I indicated were the satellite input/output frequencies as I
saw them here.

My transmit and receive frequencies were those frequencies +/- Doppler


It seemes to me that there is a 6kHz offset within the satellite


I presume the Delfi team can tell us what the actual situation is.






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Hi all,

On the one good pass over ZL so far I had to use a +6kHz offset on my uplink
to receive on the nominal downlink frequency.
i.e. satellite input frequency of 535.556 (nominal 435.550) to hit the
145.900 satellite output frequency.


Hello Alan  

Hello Ib


That's quite a spread of frequencies  556 to 565.   Was that corrected for

I suppose the other possibility is that Alan has been listening towards the
end of the pass when the satellite has reached its maximum temperature and

This will be interesting to follow!


Sorry not to see you at Surrey this year Ib. Hope everything is OK





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