[amsat-bb] Re crossed yagi question.

Angus angus at young5769.freeserve.co.uk
Sat Jul 26 06:29:38 PDT 2008

OK now that I have a crossed yagi in the X format, I must say I am very pleased with its performance.
Here is the question with the yagi in the X format, does it perform as well when set with delay lines to horizontal polarity as a yagi with the same gain beam width etc set in the horizontal polarity?
I ask this as I don't have a lot of test equipment and most of my results are a 'by ear' equipment.
I just wonder if anyone (someone will have I am sure) has done any checking to see what if any difference there is between X set to Horizontal and a normal yagi set in horizontal?
Thanks for allowing me to ask what might be some very daft/odd questions hi

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