[amsat-bb] Re: GO-32-TECHSAT1B/data sat

Patrick Domack patrickdk at patrickdk.com
Thu Jul 24 08:37:55 PDT 2008

hmm, I had an ok pass today around 9pm my time EDT. I am using a d700  
with a 19.5" whip (1/8" brass rod stuck into a pl238 connection)  
mounted on my truck, using the call K3PDK-15

12:57:59 !4XTECH-12>BBSTAT:Open:AB1C23:
12:58:00 !4XTECH-11>PBLIST:PB: Empty.
12:58:04 !4XTECH-12>BBSTAT:Open:AB1C23:
12:58:05 !4XTECH-11>PBLIST:PB: Empty.
12:58:36 !4XTECH-12>BBSTAT:Open:AB1C23:
12:58:37 !4XTECH-12>STATUS:>B:138424791
12:58:37 !4XTECH-12>BEACON:>Thu Jul 24 12:58:44 2008 :UTC| Gurwin  
Techsat1B (V9.87)
12:58:37 !4XTECH-12>BEACON:BBS(V9.87) 2Users/8BCasts.
12:58:37 !4XTECH-12>BEACON:Upl:145.89,1269.8
12:58:37 !4XTECH-12>BEACON::BLN1 GO32:cu APRS!!Use pth via 4XTECH
12:58:40 !4XTECH-12>BEACON::BLN3 GO32:D7* posits use 145.93
12:58:41 !4XTECH-12>BEACON:10YR to GO32!keep on amigo
12:58:41 !4XTECH-12>BEACON:
12:58:41 !4XTECH-11>PBLIST:PB: Empty.
12:59:15 !4XTECH-11>PBLIST:PB: Empty.
12:59:41 !4XTECH-12>BBSTAT:Open:AB1C23:
12:59:42 !4XTECH-12>STATUS:>B:138425400
12:59:47 !4XTECH-11>PBLIST:PB: Empty.
13:00:12 !K3PDK-15>APRS,4XTECH*,SGATE:=3936.70NS07745.05W&
13:00:12 !4XTECH-12>BBSTAT:Open:AB1C23:
13:00:12 !4XTECH-12>STATUS:>B:138425576
13:00:45 !4XTECH-12>BBSTAT:Open:AB1C23:
13:00:46 !4XTECH-12>STATUS:>B:138425701
13:00:46 !4XTECH-12>BEACON:>Thu Jul 24 13:00:53 2008 :UTC| Gurwin  
Techsat1B (V9.87)
13:00:46 !4XTECH-12>BEACON:BBS(V9.87) 2Users/8BCasts.
13:00:46 !4XTECH-12>BEACON:Upl:145.89,1269.8
13:00:46 !4XTECH-12>BEACON::BLN1 GO32:cu APRS!!Use pth via 4XTECH
13:00:46 !4XTECH-12>BEACON::BLN2 GO32:APRS msgs use 145.85 Upl
13:00:46 !4XTECH-12>BEACON:10YR to GO32!keep on amigo
13:00:46 !4XTECH-12>BEACON:
13:00:53 !4XTECH-11>PBLIST:PB: Empty.
13:01:17 !4XTECH-12>BBSTAT:Open:AB1C23:
13:01:18 !4XTECH-12>STATUS:>B:138426185
13:01:26 !4XTECH-11>PBLIST:PB: Empty.
13:01:50 !4XTECH-12>BBSTAT:Open:AB1C23:
13:01:50 !4XTECH-12>STATUS:>B:138426310

Quoting Mr Jeffrey L Ross <radiooperator at comcast.net>:

> Hi folks, nothing again. My passes were not very good though so maybe on the
> 84 degree pass friday I may catch something. I am using a pk 96 with a yaesu
> ft 8100 and mixw/pacterm 99. I have a 18 element klm for the 435.225
> downlink with right or left hand pole. Using left hand for go-32 like before
> (energized) Tracking with satscape/jtrack/ and heavens above. I use to be
> able to bring it in everyday almost and we also had a satgate running from a
> Canada Station VE3KPG using go-32 for msg traffic hooked to our terristal
> packet network. Sure hope someday another sat will take its place and run
> for us. The ACP that they are building on the next sat seems way out of most
> of everyones price pocket.  So I hope they don't decide to do that. We want
> to be able to use the gear we allready have. (that cost us a arm and leg
> allready). Anyway will keep trying to reach go-32. (the only one out there
> working,  in reach I think)
> '
> kc8gkf
> West Michigan USA
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