[amsat-bb] go32 techsat/data sat

Mr Jeffrey L Ross radiooperator at comcast.net
Wed Jul 23 08:18:30 PDT 2008

hi folks, no-go this am with the new rig, so am trying the old rig as i have 
a less dcd blinking with the old rig. I think it has to do with pkt mode, 
dig mode, lsb, usb, etc control on the new rig, the old rig has none of 
this, just 9600 baud/1200 baud. I have caught go-32 before with this set up 
so should be able to get it again. It's been awhile though.
Was wondering if anyone got any data from the sat this am pass USA? Now if i 
could reach the mail box on this sat and leave mail for someone on the other 
side of the earth, now that would be sat comms. Would probley even send in 
more money. hi . To even download (a piece at a time) of a pic of earth, now 
that would be a treat. What year is it? 2008. And we can not do this yet, 
oh well waiting, For the USA Team to get one out there. Thanks Israel, Thank 
you AMSAT-NA for doing what you can.


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