[amsat-bb] Re: Bill Ress - N6GHz - Board Candidate - OperatingSurvey

Edward Cole kl7uw at acsalaska.net
Wed Jul 23 02:38:11 PDT 2008

I've always thought that a leader is one who sees the road to take 
and sets out on it.  Sometimes he asks others to follow him.  Other 
times he just ventures forth and finds others willing to go with him 
to see where they end up.

So in the begining there is a vision.  The leader expresses that 
vision and puts forth a sequence of action to achieve the goal.

Of course maybe that goal is to move someone in the road out of the 
way so he can get on down the way!
Certainly, negative goals are less appealing then positive ones.

Anyone want to expand this?

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