[amsat-bb] How volunteerism works...

Fred A Parker fparker at paulbunyan.net
Sat Jul 19 20:03:20 PDT 2008

My Experience working as  volunteer for Amsat.   In my opinion accomplished nothing.  

Over the time span of several years while working on the mechanical end of things for the Eagle project.   There was nothing getting done, actually things seemed to be going backwards.   What satisfaction does one get when one's work goes  no where.   With the loss of I believe his name was Jim Stanford.   Every thing changed and all I seemed to get was unanswered Emails and phone calls.   Unless Amsat had some special event coming up and needed some hardware for show and tell.   

I wish to not seem too negative.  But there needs to be an analyses of what changes are needed.   My first suggestion would be to set new goals that are achievable.   My research tells me the days of free rides are over.   Amsat needs to downsize its projects to a more realistic size that is with in there budget.   When that happens I am prepared to burn the midnight oil.

Fred A Parker KF0AK
Itasca County 
Logistic Officer

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