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> C'Mon guys,
> Yes puters do make it easyier,  but not tottally absolutely necessary.
> in the old days we tracked the birds using  something called math,
> Made little paper things with  clear plastic overlays to simulate the
> birds path across the sky,
> Doppler?  uhhhh,  we tristed the vfo to keep it in tune,
> geeech,
> Joe WB9SBD

Hi Joe, WB9SBD

I agree completely with you and in order to know from the historical point
of view what we did since OSCAR-6 and what was necessary but still is
really necessary for working satellites without to complicate the life I
suggest every one to read the following old ARRL publication dated 1977

"Getting to know OSCAR from the ground up"


Space Communication is for Everyone
Getting started
Finding OSCAR: it's Easy
How to use OSCAR-7 Mode-B
The Benefits are Yours
The Newest OSCAR
Toward the Ultimate Amateur Satellite
What Phase III Will Do
You...and AMSAT Phase III
OSCAR Goes to Schools
Satellites Can Save Lives
OSCAR's Vital Statistics
The rise and Fall of the OSCARs

It is a reprint of the popular QST Series on Amateur Satellites "Everything
You Need to Know for Working OSCAR

My good friend Mak SV1BSX has a 11 MB (2 x 5.5 MB pdf file ) available
on request to him at  sv1bsx at yahoo.gr

At the end of reading you will realize that Joe WB9SBD statement is correct
particularly for those who are interested in OSCAR-7 and VO-52 and why not
on P3E

> Yes puters do make it easyier,  but not tottally absolutely necessary.

73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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