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Edward Cole kl7uw at acsalaska.net
Sat Jul 19 06:48:16 PDT 2008

Art, very valid points.  I'm thinking what spouse will tolerate a ham 
working on 4000-volts, today?

A collegue made a complement this week in a meeting saying that I 
would be harder to replace in 2-1/2 years when I retire, as I should 
be considered an "old-school technician".  Meaning, that I had lots 
of history and ability for hands-on troubleshooting and repairs.  He 
was warning my employer to not think they will easily hire someone 
within the 2-weeks of my retirement and may want to get someone 
onboard sooner in order to pick up a bit from me.  My employer 
advised that the company BOD had already approved hiring my 
replacement for the last year that I work (to work alongside me)...wow!

I too, started in summer 1957 by building an Ocean Hopper 3-tube 
receiver (at age 13) and heard Sputnik.  My Dad bought me a solder 
gun for my birthday so I could assemble it.  Yep, different times!

I was given adult responsibilities at age ten.

73 Ed - KL7UW

At 09:29 PM 7/18/2008, kc6uqh wrote:
>There was a time not long ago when one Amateur could do an amazing project.
>Today the multi-disiplines required to put a S/C together and get it into
>space, require a well managed team effort. This is true for any cutting edge
>technoloigy of today.
>Amateur  Radio can only do team efforts, provided the team respects each
>other and everyone has complementry skills.
>Leadership is required to bring the skills needed together and maintain a
>critical mass long enough to complete the project.
>I came into electronics at an early age, restored a receiver that was
>recovered from a sunken ship and listened to Spuknik on it in 1957. I have
>spent my whole life in electronics and have enjoied the many projects I
>worked on.
>How many parents would allow there son to work on a receiver with 400VDC
>present in this day and age, where a helmet is now required to ride a
>bicycle? Where is the youth of today going to get the practical experience
>required to build a satellite?
>  TV has all but ruined creativity and imagination. There is a big difference
>between a computer simulation and application in the physical form! AMSAT is
>not going to get many more chances to assemble a team that had the skills to
>make Oscar 10 and 13. Time is not on our side. Amatuers with the right skill
>sets are mostly my age, Most youth of today would have trouble with
>soldering and operating a screwdriver, that is if thier parents would alow
>them to try.
>Art, KC6UQH
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> > Again we see lots and lots of ideas of what "needs to be
> > done"...  And most of them are pointed at better "management"...
> > Or better "direction" of what is being done (by others)...
> >
> > The issue in an all volunteer organization is not "what" needs
> > to be done, but who will step forward and do it, not the
> > "management and direction" but the actual WORK.  That requires
> > volunteers with the knowledge, skills, time and energy, and
> > thick skin,  Especially under the hail of rocks and stones from
> > the peanut gallery...
> >
> > Counter productive to getting the work we need done (volunteers
> > we need) is the attitude from the peanut gallery about getting
> > in there and "kicking butt" and "better management"...  You do
> > that in an all volunteer organization and soon there is nothing
> > left but managers and butt kickers and complainers.
> >
> > This happens in every aspect of ham radio all the way down to
> > the local clubs and all the way to the top.  You'd think by now
> > that the old-fuds who clamour for more effort (from others) have
> > about 30 years of experience with how this does NOT work in ham
> > radio.  Progress is made by self motivated individuals who see a
> > need and jump in to fill it.
> >
> > It is very simple!
> >
> > If you can contribute "work" then jump in and do it.  Othwerwise
> > "get out of the way" and contribute money, food, encouragement,
> > and assistance to those that do.  "Ankle-biting, naysaying, and
> > complaining" accomplish absolutely nothing forward.  If you
> > don't like the direction things are going, then jump in and go
> > another way and see if you can find followers (workers, not
> > ditto-heads)... But get out of the way of those that are making
> > progress in their direction... That's the only way progress is
> > made in volunteer organizations...
> >
> > This is surely what this old-fud has learned in the last 30
> > years...
> > Bob, WB4APR
> >
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