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Anthony Monteiro aa2tx at comcast.net
Fri Jul 18 16:55:29 PDT 2008

At 08:46 PM 7/17/2008, Auke de Jong wrote:

>I can only offer my own reason for being absent from VO-52 and AO-7:
>I find keeping-up with the doppler-tuning of these LEO-orbits to be
>frustrating.  It doesn't help that my rig is awkward in this mode, and my
>PC-control option has a problem I've yet to solve.  Add, to this, my manual
>rotator-controller, and it adds-up to several uncompleted contacts.  VO-52
>is, of course, harder than ao-7 because of it's height/speed.
>Considering just this reason by itself, HEO is much more inviting, because
>the doppler-effect is so greatly reduced.  I think this reason might be
>shared by several other HAM's on the BB,  even if they don't mention it.  I
>even feel a little embarassed to admit that I haven't been able to cope with
>the different rates of doppler-shift for uplink and downlink.
>I might have to put my old transciever (FT-726R) back on the air, just
>because it was a lot easier to control both VFO's mid-QSO to keep centered.
>I don't even think I've completed one, since I've gotten my relatively
>modern "satellite rig" FT-847, despite several attempts to do-so.

Dear Auke,

It is very easy to get automatic doppler tuning working and I highly recommend
it. Load up InstantTrack on any PC, even a DOS '386! and download InstantTune
for free from the AMSAT web site here:


Follow the instructions in the readme.txt file. It is very straightforward.


There is no reason to work linear satellites without automatic doppler
tuning. You need the PC anyway to track the satellite - just hookup 
the COM cable
it makes satellite QSOs simple.

VO-52 is very easy to work and is actually much easier than AO-07 since the
downlink is so strong. You do not need to track the antennas - you can
easily work it with omni-directional antennas. I have worked it with just an
FT-817 running 5 watts into nothing more than a full wave loop a few feet
above ground and another full wave loop for receiving. With an FT-847, it
is a breeze.

I do not know why you are having trouble with your FT-847 auto-tuning but
if you need help, send me an email.

73 (and don't give up on VO-52!)
Tony AA2TX

>I think that the FM birds are more populated due to their twofold
>advantage... very few tuning-steps to stay locked on RX and in some cases,
>no uplink tuning at all;  and FM gear is smaller and cheaper than anything
>available to work linear, especially portable/mobile.
>This would make an excellent poll, if we were on a messageboard-forum such
>as the one on www.narc.net, or maybe as a mail-back card sent to all
>I've been skipping/deleting all the other chatter regarding complaints for
>lack of a functioning HEO, etc etc.  I feel so much better for not having
>been infected by the negativity of others. I hope the storm dies-sown soon
>so that we can get back to what we do best... whatever it is!
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> >I have been reading about the need for HEO satellites and the reasons
> > we don't have them. I wonder why the folks that wont the
> > HEO's so bad never show up on AO-07 or VO-52. Most passes it is joe
> > K3SZH and maybe two others at most on AO-07 and
> > I hardly ever hear anyone on VO-52. The birds that have all the users
> > are the FM sats. I would love to see a HEO built but if we
> > are not going to use what we have what is the point.
> >
> > 73's << John
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