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".....So, in 2006 I volunteered and started my very agonizing participation
the Eagle design team, designing and building a concept 3.4 GHz
downconverter and supporting the 70 CM receiver. That “fruitless”

Could you expand on why you consider this experience "agonizing" and
"fruitless" so that we might better understand the process and your

This is the type of information which is not coming out of the AMSAT
organization and proves frustrating to the rest of us....

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I’m Bill Ress, N6GHz, and I’m campaigning for a seat on the AMSAT Board.

You will soon be getting your ballots for this year’s AMSAT Board
election. The current dialog on the AMSAT-bb clearly indicates member
dissatisfaction with AMSAT leadership on various levels. Well, now you
have the chance to voice your concerns through your votes!!

In my ballot statement, you will read that I’m disappointed with AMSAT’s
lack of visible progress on a viable and sustainable satellite program,
and with the lack of adequate communication and accountability. The
engineering efforts are in a state of disarray. Hardly a screw has been
turning on Eagle. AMSAT’s website, the primary “front” to the public, is
in need of redevelopment after months of neglect. The vision statement
has long been outdated.

After being content to operate the birds, I thought I should do more.
So, in 2006 I volunteered and started my very agonizing participation on
the Eagle design team, designing and building a concept 3.4 GHz down
converter and supporting the 70 CM receiver. That “fruitless”
experience, along with what I've witnessed with the some of the AMSAT
leadership, prompted me to run for the board, hopeful of being able to
contribute in any way to making a positive improvement to a troubled

The inner circle of leadership goes back many years in AMSAT. They have
put in many, many well meaning volunteer hours and we should recognize
and appreciate that fact. Perhaps their long-term membership on the
board led to inaction and complacency, which clouded judgments and
prevented critical decisions from being made. The board (and
subsequently the membership) will benefit from a “new” member who is
critical of current performance, and is willing to be a vocal reminder
of member concerns. You can help decide the future of AMSAT with your vote.

Do I think I can change the current AMSAT culture overnight? Only a fool
would think so, but I can tell you that I will try very hard to convey
your legitimate concerns with the hope of influencing the board’s
attitudes and decisions to support a process of positive change.

AMSAT is at a critical crossroad right now brought on by ever increasing
launch costs, lack of leadership and an unclear vision. I know the
leadership has finally recognized this and is making a serious effort to
address burning issues. I plan on offering to the board what I hope will
be viewed as constructive inputs which will reflect many of your concerns.

The AMSAT-bb is a great medium for communication, and I’m very keen on
open lines of communication. I’ll be using it in the coming days, weeks
and months to explain my position on the issues you want me to address.
I am also preparing an online e-survey, a format I will use
periodically, to get your opinion on various issues (and the results
will be shared with you and the AMSAT leadership).

To put this recurring criticism of “poor communications” to rest, we
need to keep our web site active and current. If that doesn’t happen
very soon, I would encourage the leadership to use the AMSAT-bb, or
perhaps a “blog” to keep members informed. For my part, you’ll be
hearing from me often using the AMSAT-bb, or perhaps my own blog.

I was first licensed in 1957 as KN2HDG. That was the first step, which
lead to my professional career in electronics. I graduated in 1968 from
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a BSEL. From there, I went on to have a
rewarding career in the RF/microwave industry with companies like
California Microwave, Omni Spectra and Radian Technology, where I
designed and built components for the satellite industry for companies
like Hughes, TRW and Lockheed. I now run a new start-up RF/microwave
components company. I am also a member of Project Oscar, ARRL, AMSAT-UK
and AMSAT-ZL (Go KiwiSat!!!).

I read the AMSAT-bb daily. I’m on the birds frequently but if we can’t
hook up there, email me at n6ghz at amsat.org.

Thanks and 73s!!… Bill – N6GHz

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