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As of 06/08 the ham population in the US is 658,711,  05/08 - 658,272

In 1970 it was ~ 280,000
In 1980 it was ~ 390,000
In 1990 it was ~ 485,000
In 2000 it was ~ 682,240

That sure looks "way bigger" to me!  Maybe not to you.  But I can say based 
on the statistics that the last couple of years has seen an overall increase 
in the ham population in the US.  The peak was 2003 at 687,860 and that 
figure is what the author of the original article used.  I still haven't 
figured out where he came up with a decrease of 50,000 and even he admits he 
got the figures wrong in the comments following the main article.

With all due respect sir your figures are way off!

See http://www.dxzone.com/cgi-bin/dir/jump2.cgi?ID=13872
For more statistics from 1999 to current.

Jeff Moore  --  KE7ACY

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The ham population in the USA is ~ 800,000 + . Those figures are taken from
the Federal Communications Commission data.
But to say : " the ham ranks are way bigger" is, in my opinion
not accurate from an American view point. You might think that the codeless
license would have made a big difference. It did not. I often kid some of my
friends with the statement that there are only two modes : CB and CW. Of
course CW is the oldest digital mode. I believe that the USA ham ranks
peaked about a decade or two ago.

on the air since 1952

>> now!!!

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> From: "Jeff Moore" <tnetcenter at gmail.com>
>> 2.  Compared to 10, 20, and 30 years ago, the ham ranks are way bigger
>> now!!!
> And older - much older. Older means richer, just look at the radios we're
> buying and stations we're building these days.
> Anyway, it would take one wealthy Ham to leave his estate to AMSAT DL to
> be used to launch P3E in his memory. Any volunteers on the list?
> Simon 'Not Dead Yet' HB9DRV

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