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Michael Tondee mat_62 at netcommander.com
Tue Jul 15 15:34:41 PDT 2008

It's been going on since I got here a couple of years ago Jim. For sure, 
everyone is anxious to see an HEO launched but some people feel the need to 
get online and constantly whine about why we don't have one. I think there 
are a few folks on here that need to get a dictionary and look up the word 
 People better start to realize that there are no guarantees. I would say 
that at the current rate of apparent progress that the AMSAT NA mission 
statement looks all wet. Prospects don't seem to be much better on P3E 
either. What good will it do to have a fully built satellite without the 
funds to launch it?
 I just try to enjoy what we've got up there and hope for the best in the 
future. In the end that's all we can really do isn't it? All the whining in 
the world and the backhanded comments about AO-51 and the other FM sats 
aren't going to get the HEO birds up there any faster.
Michael W4HIJ
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>I have been off the satellites for 25 years. I just spent a bunch of money 
>for antennas and rotors to get back on. After listening to all of the belly 
>aching I wonder if I should join AMSAT (again). Maybe I should try EME . . 
>. .  the moon will be there long after I am gone. I have listened on AO 7 
>and VO 52 to test my 2 mtr yagis. I should be QRV soon. Belly aching just 
>looks bad even if it is warranted. I am not sure if it accomplishes much 
>other than venting for the vanquished. Human nature ugh. Lighten up folks.
> Jim W9VNE
> Cincinnati, Ohio em79

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