[amsat-bb] 9600 bp AX.25 soundcard decoder

DeYoung James deyoung_james at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 14 13:24:08 PDT 2008


I am wondering if anyone on the BB knows if there are any 9600-bps soundcard-based AX.25 ASCII decoding programs out in the www?  If so what is the web address for it?  I know 9600-bps is possible with modern soundcards as I have a program from COAA that decodes it for non-HAM related data.  I am using my IC-910H data socket port output with it set to 9600 in the settings.  I am interested in using the 9600-bps program for capturing the 9600-bps telemetry of AO-51, for example.   I would then parse the text externally and and combine with the engineering equations to get to the calibrated data. Thank you very much.

KG4QWC, Jim.


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