[amsat-bb] Field Day suggestion

Bruce kk5do at arrl.net
Mon Jul 14 06:34:43 PDT 2008

I was thinking of providing a PDF for field day submissions next year 
that will have fill-in fields for scoring. Would there be any reason 
someone would not use this or is there a better way? I have always 
provided a flat text file you could fill in as well as a word doc. Of 
the submissions I have received, they are split almost 50/50 for PDF and 

Maybe with radio buttons for the FM birds that you can click if you made 
your one contact?

Any suggestions. Trying to streamline and improve things. I know 
sometimes things are better left alone, that's why the request for any 
suggestions. All of the submissions are coming via email now, none by 
paper in the mail. Everyone submitting has a computer so there should be 
no reason not to move on with technology.



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