[amsat-bb] Special event 12-13/7 Fryktories

Kostas Ioannidis kostas.ioannidis at gmail.com
Fri Jul 11 06:07:46 PDT 2008

A Greek ancient system of communication with fire from torches above
mountaintops is called fryktories from fryktos that means "the torch"
in Greek .

On 13 of July 2008 and after 3200 years we will be climbing up the
same mountaintops with Turkish Hams and will transmit through the
hamradio frequencies a message from Troy – located in N.W Turkey up
to Mykines that is in Southern Greece using a special call on every
mountaintop that the original message passed through. The same
mountaintops are mentioned from Aeshylus in his drama "Agamemnon" and
they are the ones that brought back to the Mikines city the message
that Troy has fallen into the hands of the ancient siege army.

The transmitted message will be passing along the nodes on the 2m
band from one station to another.

The special calls that will be used through this campaign will be:

Mountain Ida(Troy): to be announced.

Station 1 (Lemnos Isl): SX8FRA
Station 2 (Athonas mnt) : SX2FRB/A
Station 3 (Kandili Evia): SX8FRC
Station 4 (Mesapio, Biotia): SX1FRD
Station 5 (Kitheronas): SX1FRE
Station 6 (Gerania): SX1FRF
Station 7 (Arachneon, Peloponisos): SX3FRG
Station 8 (Mikines): SX3FRH

Every Station will have at least 2m SSB/FM capability with yagi
antennas. Before and after the event every station will be trying to
make as many QSO's as possible with the special calls. Also that day
we expect that many other hilltops will be activated in 2m band from
other Greek and Foreign hams that will be joining this event.

I will be QRV from Kitheronas mountain with the call SX1FRE.
Except me the other ops will be SW1JGW SV1EEX, SV1EOS, SV1JGX, and SW1JCO

Will be active in 80- 70 cm. . Also will try LEO SATS and will operate
through the 2008 IARU HF World Championship with the special call.

Operating times: Sat 12/8/08 at 10:00 local time till 13/8/08.

QSL cards will be sent via the SV buro or direct.

For scheds concerning the SX1FRE activity On HF/VHF  BAND pse contact
SV1EEX at : SX1FRE Site:

For scheds concerning the SX1FRE activity On Satellites pse contact me at
kostas.ioannidis at gmail.com
We will be QRV on the middle pass band

Any station that will contact us is requested in the existence of
traffic not to call us again because we want to contact with as many
stations as possible.

SW1IXP Kostas

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