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Having done satellites with separate transceivers (IC-275 and IC-475H); 
separate transmitter, receiver, and transverters (Drake B-line twins with 
TC-2/SC-2/CC-1); and a single all-mode multi-band transceiver (910H), I 
wouldn't trade the 910 for anything!  Especially when combined with SatPC32 
for full doppler and rotor control...  I first used one for Field Day in 
2001 (borrowed from the local ham store), and immediately sold my B-line 
Drakes, a Yaesu FT-8100R, and a few other things to fund the purchase of my 


George, KA3HSW

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> Hi all,
> just wondering what you think is the best transceiver or transceivers for 
> the satellites. By this I mean to be able to TX and RX at the same time 
> (covering from 144mhz, 70cm and 23cm), was thinking possibly something 
> like the ICOM IC910 (with 23cm board added) so that USB downlink and LSB 
> uplink can be done (can the TS2000 do this also). Or is it better to have 
> 2 seperate radios altogether, and use one for the uplink and one for the 
> downlink?
> Any thoughts or what do you think is the ultimate set up, doing quite well 
> here with very simple FT817 and old FT480R but using transverter for 
> 23cms.
> regards
> Gus M0IKB

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