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HARVEY VORDENBAUM tower2 at stx.rr.com
Tue Jul 1 18:25:38 PDT 2008

Someone mentioned the 2-piece type N connector for 9913 type coax.  Does 
anyone have the trimming dimensions for those?  I had to make up my own and 
wonder how good they are.
73, Harvey

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Vol 3, Issue 326

Installing a classic clamp type N connector like the Amphenol 82-202
(UG-21D/U) on flexible coax with a real copper center conductor
(RG-8,RG-213) is both easier and has a much higher probability of
success than installing the common PL-259.  You only have to make one
easily accessible solder connection.

Take a look at
http://www.amphenolrf.com/products/assemblyInstructions/280.pdf to see
what is involved in attaching classic clamp style N connector.

You also might want to read the reviews listed here:
http://www.eham.net/reviews/products/7 before you make any purchase

JoeC - K3FMA

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> Subject: [amsat-bb]  Best type of coax to use between preamps and
> antennas
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> After problems I had on Field Day in trying to operate the satellites, I
> am looking to upgrade the coax I use between the preamps and the
> antennas.  I am using 9913FX from the IC-910H and the preamps.  I had
> been using RG Mini 8/U for the connection between the preamps and
> antennas.  Should I also use 9913FX between the preamps and the
> antennas?  The run between the radio and the preamp is 50 ft.  The run
> from the preamp to the antennas is about 10 - 15 ft depending on where I
> set the antennas up.  I am concerned about how flexible the 9913FX would
> be in terms of the antennas rotating back and forth.  I was planning on
> ordering the cables pre-made from CableXperts since working with N
> connectors isnt my strong point and dont want to worry about my
> soldering and having a good connection on both ends of the cable.
> Any suggestions appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Ron
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