[amsat-bb] Explorer I

Roy rdwelch at swbell.net
Thu Jan 31 09:32:31 PST 2008

If I'm not mistaken this is the 50th anniversary of the launch of 
Explorer I, the USA's first satellite put in orbit.  I listened to the 
telemetry broadcast on 108 mHz and recorded it.  The JPL had asked for 
the loan of any recordings made so I sent them out for their analysis. 
I received my original tapes back along with a supply of new reels of 
tape for use in making further recordings.  JPL sent copies on to the 
Air Force Research Center at Cambridge.

I later received letters from JPL and the Air Force Research Center 
describing the data they had recovered from the recordings relative to 
micrometeorite impacts and other items.  It was a really exciting period 
for Amateur Radio.

Roy -- W0SL

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