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Ransom, Kenneth G. (JSC-OC)[BAR] kenneth.g.ransom at nasa.gov
Wed Jan 30 09:56:46 PST 2008

This mapping scheme using recorded findu data would assume reasonable
representation of IGATES listening. Some places only have one minimal
IGATE station and it only hears part of the pass. Others may be lacking
in the ability to capture the non APRS formatted packets that do get
relayed via the orbiting transceiver.

This also does not allow reasonable mapping of interference and in fact
could show an area as being rather quiet since many have a harder time
getting through.

It would provide confirmation of congestion over areas with significant
IGATE population but we already know what is going on there.

Kenneth - N5VHO

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> Many many moons ago there was a piece of software 
> that would take the logs from a PACSAT bbs and 
> a set of orbital elements and generate a usage map. 

Hummh. Actually that could be trivial to do.  Since every packet
ever transmitted via ISS and received by the www.ariss.net  web
page is available live on FINDU.COM.  And all of the ones that
transmitted APRS include their LAT/LONG.

So just a plot of every one of these packets with a radius of
1200 miles and a color density of say 1%.  Then sum them on a
map.  By the time there were 100 in a given area, that area
would be solid color...

Then just look at the map color density of the world would
reveal the usage density...  Wow, what a fun project.  Wish I
had time...


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