[amsat-bb] Re: Macbook and U232-P9 serial

John Heaton john at manchester.ac.uk
Wed Jan 30 08:06:02 PST 2008

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On 30 Jan 2008, at 14:55, Bruce Bostwick wrote:
> Yeah, that sounds about like my experience with some peripherals whose
> vendors haven't quite picked up on the fact that OS 9 is now obsolete
> by several years and no currently shipping Macs will run it even in
> Classic mode (because it won't run at all on Intel-based Macs), and
> they don't realize that a Mac from 7-8 years ago is a *completely*
> different animal from a present-day Mac.

My two Macs are G4 based so Classic stuff will still run but I've  
nothing left in the OS9 Applications folder that hasn't been replaced  
by OSX versions.  The weird usb<>rs232 that I had needed a real OS9  
system and wouldn't work with Classic mode.

> Any luck with open source/Linux style drivers?  If they'll run under
> BSD or a distro that's BSD-like enough to satisfy them, they might be
> adaptable to Darwin with some tweaking and maybe a bit of luck .. :)

I brought the usb<>rs232 adapter into the office and have used it  
with Linux but not for some time as all my Linux boxes here have both  
usb and rs232.

For info: The usb<>rs232 adapter that didn't work with OSX has a  
'BANDRIDGE' label on it.

Bye for now, John

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