[amsat-bb] Sign up for Penelope Boards now!

Scott Cowling scotty at tonks.com
Tue Jan 29 17:23:31 PST 2008

Just in case anyone here is not on the HPSDR list...
Scotty WA2DFI

High Performance Software Defined Radio Project (HPSDR)


29 January 2008

TAPR and HPSDR need your input!

You have until Sunday, February 5, 2008 at 0200 UTC to take action on this 
message and express interest to obtain a finished tested board, partial kit 
or bare PCB for this project. Production quantities will be determined by 
the collective expression of interest at this time.

To register your interest you need to go to Dale's (WA8SRA) HAMSDR website, 
in the projects section.

If you are a member and have previously expressed interest in these 
projects, log in and re-enter your Quantities of each board.

NOTE: Previous quantities have been reset to zero so you WILL HAVE TO 

If you are new to HPSDR and Dale's Website, please join for instant access 
by providing the information requested.

Go NOW to: HTTP://www.hamsdr.com

Login and go to Projects > TAPR-HPSDR and follow instructions provided on 
that page.

What is HPSDR?         http://hpsdr.org
What is a Penelope?    http://hpsdr.org/penelope.html

There are many other HPSDR projects in design and testing; please see the 
HPSDR website for details.

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