[amsat-bb] satellite chatroom

pcalvi@bluewin.ch pcalvi at bluewin.ch
Sun Jan 27 14:16:17 PST 2008

Hello everybody.

Some of you may remember that the satellite chatroom on ON4KST.info 
enjoyed some popularity during LEO evening passes in Europe. "Some" 
was not enough for the SysOp, though, and the chat was closed for 
alleged lack of activity. It was a shame, because I remember a small 
but very friendly group gathering there.

Now I stumbled on another similar thing - perhaps less cutting-edge 
that KST - but apparently very functional, run by a group of 
Brazilian enthusiasts. 

The address is http://www.satfm.org/chat/

Hope to see you there at some stage.

73 Piero HB9DSU

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