[amsat-bb] Re: Kansas City Tracker unknown parts...

Jim Jerzycke kq6ea at pacbell.net
Thu Jan 24 19:57:44 PST 2008

The manual states that those are used to change the
radio control port outputs from RS-232 to TTL as
Most radios available today with serial computer
control ports have TTL-level (0-5v) inputs and
outputs. The radio's manufacturer then provides a
fairly expensive accessory that is used to convert the
TTL-level voltages to RS232-level voltages (-12 to
+12). The LLG02 board, when purchased with the serial
KC Tuner option, has an option on the serial output
voltage levels. The board comes to you from us
populated with RS232 level-converter ICs. We also
provide two header plugs (IC-shaped component
carriers) with two jumpers on each plug.

If your radio has TTL-level outputs, you can replace
the level-converter ICs with the supplied header plugs
and connect the KC Tuner directly to your radios,
eliminating the need for the manufacturer's level
converters. Note that these header plugs convert both
port A and B to TTL levels - you can not have one port
at TTL levels and one at RS232 levels.

The header plug that replaces the LM1488 has jumpers
between pins 2 and 3, and between pins 5 and 6. The
header plug that replaces the LM1489 has jumpers
between pins 1 and 3, and between pins 4 and 6. ICs
are numbered counter-clockwise when viewed from the
top, with pin 1 always in the corner marked with a
dot, notch, or beveled side.
73, Jim

--- Larry <n1miw at cox.net> wrote:

>    Hello everyone! I use the KCT to control my
> rotor, which works fine.
> However... I was looking through the junk drawer
> tonight, and found the
> original anti-static bag which has two 14 pin
> IC-style jumper boards inside.
> One of them has only 2 jumpers - one between pins 1
> & 3, the other jumper
> between pins 4 & 6. These are both made with blue
> wire. The other IC block
> has a solder bridge between pins 2 & 3 and 5 & 6.
> Did these come with the
> board in its early stages of design? Does it even
> belong with the KCT? Just
> curious what these are for. I don't recall reading
> in the manual about them,
> either (tracker OR tuner). TIA... Larry  N1MIW FN41
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