[amsat-bb] ARISS Telebridge Stations Needed!

Stefan Wagener stefan_wagener at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 22 15:35:44 PST 2008

The International ARISS (Amateur Radio on the International Space Station)
Team is seeking your help:
Do you want to be part of the international network of ground stations that
help support Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS)
operations? ARISS is looking to add numerous ground stations capable of
relaying ISS amateur radio sessions with schools and also serve as back up
communications relays should they be needed. Locations worldwide will be
considered, but of greatest interest is the need for stations in Central
America, South America, Falkland Islands, Western Australia, Canada, and

The following are guidelines for stations wanting to be considered: 
- Third Party agreement with United States or waiver from their telecom
- Ability to speak and understand English 
- Minimal horizon obstructions 
- 24/7 access and availability of station 
- operator(s) willing to support scheduled contacts at various times 
- Phone patch 
- AZ/EL tracking satellite system, preferably an auto tracking system with
the capability for manual override 
- Multi-element yagis for 2 meters and 70 cm (Circular polarity preferred) 
- Pre-amps 
- Transmit output greater than 70 watts 
NOTE: If you can specify your station's EIRP and receive sensitivity
(thereby taking into account cable losses, pre-amps and antenna gain), it
would be greatly appreciated.

Stations that can support the following will be given special consideration,
but these items are not required: 
- Auto Doppler adjustment of frequencies 
- Ability to speak and understand languages other than English 
- 1.2 and 2.4 GHz satellite hardware 
- Packet 
- Digital ATV 
- Redundant power system 
- High-speed internet 
If you or your club would like to be considered for selection as one of the
new ARISS telebridge stations then send an email with details about your
station and contact information to:

 ARISS-telebridge at amsat.org.


73, Stefan VE4NSA

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