[amsat-bb] Fw: Re:FO-29 Status

JA0CQP ja0cqp at po30.lcv.ne.jp
Mon Jan 21 05:14:46 PST 2008

> Auke,
> At the FO-29, solar cells generate 16--18W of Power.
> This means that when the bird was in sunlight, this 
> amount of power is enogh for linear transponder operation.
> If the cause of battery failure was internal short, then 
> FO-29 will be hopeless.
> However, if the cause of battery failure was "open-mode"
> by high impedance internaly, then FO-29 will be kept
> in operation, provided solar cells receives enough sunlight.
> (Operational only in no-eclipse period)
> (If the batteries which went to braking-down of AO-40
> became "Open-Mode",then may be able to bring AO-40
> back to life.) 
> 73s,
> Toyo Komatsu

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