[amsat-bb] Re: FO-29 Status

T.Komatsu ruruko63 at po30.lcv.ne.jp
Mon Jan 21 05:11:49 PST 2008


At the FO-29, solar cells generate 16--18W of Power.
This means that when the bird was in sunlight, this 
amount of power is enogh for linear transponder operation.

If the cause of battery failure was internal short, then 
FO-29 will be hopeless.
However, if the cause of battery failure was "open-mode"
by high impedance internaly, then FO-29 will be kept
in operation, provided solar cells receives enough sunlight.
(Operational only in no-eclipse period)

(If the batteries which went to braking-down of AO-40
became "Open-Mode",then may be able to bring AO-40
back to life.) 


Toyo Komatsu

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