[amsat-bb] Kaguya heard

David vk5dg at aapt.net.au
Sun Jan 20 22:37:05 PST 2008

Hello All,
For the last two nights I have been receiving the Kaguya lunar satellite's 
carrier on 2263.6MHz.  Using nothing more than an unmodified MMDS, BBQ grill 
and PCR-1000 receiver.  

My MMDS downconverters have a nominal 1951MHz Local Osc so the IF will be 
around 312.6MHz.
 The problem is that they are filtered for 2300-2400MHz
 input and 349-449MHz output. AO-40 on 2401.3MHz was marginal in a
 couple of cases.
 Despite this, birdies on 312.56MHz and the lousy overcast weather
 for the last two nights, I heard the signal shift ~22kHz over an
 hour. It was 20dB over the noise according to the spectrum display
 and quite audible.  Must be the MMDS filtering is poorer than I thought. 
 For the record:
 Equipment:- Pacific Monolithics MMDS, 60cm BBQ grill with flyscreen
 mesh, ICOM PCR-1000, DL4YHF's Spectrum Lab software.
 73 de David VK5DG

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