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Kevin J. Smith kevin.j.smith at comcast.net
Sun Jan 20 10:22:11 PST 2008

I missed Saturday morning's transmissions but managed to record both hours
this Sunday morning.  Like Luc I could only barely make out a signal on
6.7925 but heard the signal on 7.4075 MHz more as continuous signal.  By my
ear I could not distinguish between a ground wave and the moon reflected
wave, if there was one.  I recorded the listening sessions using HRD and
used a 10-Mb file size limit and I went to bed around 15-minutes into the
7.4075 transmission.  My setup is modest; an FT-817; ~100-ft RG-213/U to a
Butternut vertical.  There was considerable noise ranging from S5 to S9.


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On 20 Jan 2008 at 1:14, Jeff Yanko wrote:

> Did anybody record a .wav or .mp3 file of this experiement.  If so, I
> many would like to hear it.  Especially those who weren't able to take a 
> listen.
> 73,
> Jeff  WB3JFS

It is 0436 am and i recorded about 5 meg near an hour of only one signal on 
7.4075mhz. I will have to listen the whole recordings and recheck them with 
spectran to see if this signal was coming directly from the Moon or from the

HAARP site in Alaska?

I barely guess the signal on 6.7925 Mhz but on 7.4075mhz spectran measure a 
noise floor at +_ -50db and the signal was around -30 db and curiously
the fast fading present on the other broadcast stations around.

I don't believe an echoed signal from the moon can return back through the 
ionosphere when the propagation seems to be rock solid at that time on a
near 40 meter band frequency!

But the experts will probably give their own opinions?  And for those who
get an 1.8 meg .WAV file on their mail server box,  i can send you a short 
piece of my recordings 

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
Skype VE2DWE


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