[amsat-bb] Re: Need some help with predict

Bent Bagger bent.bagger at fern.dk
Sat Jan 19 23:15:58 PST 2008

Hi Andrew

Andrew Rich wrote:
> ...
> I have looked at the permissions on /root/.predict and set to 777
It is not enough to set the permissions on /root/.predict. I assume that 
you run Predict as an 'ordinary' user and in that case you will also 
have to give that user access permissions on /root (chmod o+x /root). I 
don't like this, since it is a security risk.

What I have done is this: I setup Predict to run under my ordinary user 
account, meaning that the .predict directory will be 
/home/bent/.predict. I sometimes also run predict as root and in order 
not to have two sets of predict data, I create links in /root/.predict 
to /home/bent/.predict, e.g.: ln -s /home/bent/.predict/predict.qth  
> It is almost like it is having trouble writting or reading and bombing out
> Ideas ?
I hope this helps.

Best 73 de Bent/OZ6BL

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