[amsat-bb] Re: eeepc

Eric A, Cottrell wb1hbu at amsat.org
Sat Jan 19 18:02:41 PST 2008

Andrew Rich wrote:
> I am thinking of getting an eeepc and putting perl, predict, gpredict and
> tunring it into a sat tracking device.
> Does anyone know if that would not be possible ?


It should be possible.  I have one and still in the "setup" phase.
Besides the built-in Xandros, I also got openSuSE and Windows XP on it
by putting the OS on SDHC cards.  So far it really works great.  The
site I used for Eee PC infomation is

There is eeeUbuntu which is an Eee PC customized version of Ubuntu.

Xandros is a commercial Linux distribution.  The Eee PC version is based
on Debian Etch.  You have to be careful what packages you use because
the Xandros version is not exactly the same as Debian Etch.  Asus is
suppose to release a SDK which should allow easier creation of packages.
 I have not tried adding software sources yet so I do not know what is
available.  More information is at this link.

Xandros is KDE based and the default is a "easy" interface.  The
"advanced" interface (full KDE desktop) can also be selected.

73 Eric

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