[amsat-bb] 1.2ghz antenna location

w7lrd@comcast.net w7lrd at comcast.net
Sun Jan 13 23:51:50 PST 2008

I will be mounting my 22 el 1.2Ghz yagi "inside" my HF 20,15, &10 meter quad.  Has anyone tried something like this or even similar?  If I mount it up near the top of the mast is might be faily close to my 10M driven loop.  I also am considering mounting it 90 degrees to the quad boom and just figure that in whe aiming the short yagi.  So what would be the closest I want the yagi to be to any of the HF wires?  Part of the space inside the quad is taken up by a 3 foot primestar dish for 2.4 Ghz.  So the antenna placement "up there " is getting a bit crowded.  I want to try not to degrade 1.2 or my HF suff.  The height will be about 50 feet.
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