[amsat-bb] Demos at Fort Worth Hamfest 11-12 Jan 2008

Pughkeithd@cs.com Pughkeithd at cs.com
Fri Jan 11 07:15:12 PST 2008

Satellite Operators,

It looks like a busy weekend for Hamfest Demos.  We also plan to be on the 
Birds from the Fort Worth Hamfest.  We will try for the following passes (UTC):

01/11/08      2357     AO-07
01/12/08      0017     AO-51
                   0154     AO-51
                   1406     AO-51
                   1546     AO-51
                   1554     VO-52
                   1730     VO-52
                   2003     SO-50
                   2100     AO-27
                   2144     SO-50

We plan to use the Lockheed Martin Amateur Radio Club call - W5SJZ; however, 
the individuals staffing the operation may elect to use their own calls: W5IU, 
WA5QGD, KA2UPW, and WA0D.  The SSB/CW Birds are a little "iffy" at the 
moment, but we should be on the FM Birds for sure.  See you then!

73 - Keith, W5IU

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