[amsat-bb] AO-27 web site down, update on Java Schedule Lister

George Henry ka3hsw at earthlink.net
Tue Jan 8 19:26:01 PST 2008

www.ao27.org appears to be down again...

Inasmuch as my son has graduated from college and will soon be losing the 
school web space where the Java AO-27 Schedule Lister has been hosted, I 
have proposed that it be hosted at the AMSAT web site.  Until it is, those 
interested in downloading it may do so at
http://home.earthlink.net/~ka3hsw/ao27 .  It is available as either a 
platform-independent Java applet (Java runtime environment v1.4 or higher 
required) or as a Windows .EXE (Java runtime environment also required).  I 
will upload the most recent TOPR.TXT and SCHEDULE.TXT files to my Earthlink 
page as well since the AO-27 site is down, making updating of those files 
impossible for now, otherwise (just copy them into the folder where you put 
the .JAR or .EXE)

I have also asked my son if he can make the Schedule tab update in real 
time, instead of being a one-shot like it is now. (you can refresh it by 
just toggling over to the List tab and back).  I will make the updated 
version available as soon as he gets it to me.


George, KA3HSW

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