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Hi Rich,

  1) the LVB does its calibration in software, no variable supplies.
  2) it keeps accepting commands and acting on them.
  3) on the right side is the desired location, left side is the actual location.
  4) I know it works with the GS-232a protocol   W135 035  W (az)  (el)
   maybe someone else knows.
  5) Howard has mentioned this before on the bb and I believe its in 
his write-up on the tracker that he does multiple samples and averages
them to get a more stable reading.
  6) I think the diodes you are referring to go to the plus voltage for the
position pots and to ground, if those are the ones you are talking about 
then they are there to limit any spikes on the az or el position, any 
negative voltage gets shunted to ground, any positive voltage greater
than the supply gets shunted there. 

Kevin WA6FWF

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> 1. Some other designs use a variable supply to calibrate the rotator
> position - what does the LVB do ?
> 2. Does the LVB tracker get a command, move the antenna around, and shut out
> any other commands, untill it gets the first command sorted ?
> 3. What does the LVB tracker show on the screen ?
> 4. What protocols does the LVB tracker work with ?
> 5. I heard mention that the LVB does a few samples of the A/D to make sure
> it has a valid result from the pot's
> 6. The cct diagram shows two diodes, connected to each az and el a/d input,
> what do they do ?
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