[amsat-bb] LVB tracker questions

Andrew Rich vk4tec at people.net.au
Tue Jan 8 02:14:03 PST 2008

1. Some other designs use a variable supply to calibrate the rotator
position - what does the LVB do ?
2. Does the LVB tracker get a command, move the antenna around, and shut out
any other commands, untill it gets the first command sorted ?
3. What does the LVB tracker show on the screen ?
4. What protocols does the LVB tracker work with ?
5. I heard mention that the LVB does a few samples of the A/D to make sure
it has a valid result from the pot's
6. The cct diagram shows two diodes, connected to each az and el a/d input,
what do they do ?

Andrew Rich VK4TEC
vk4tec at people.net.au

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