[amsat-bb] Re: Digital Recorder for Sats

John Meeks jmeek at gaslightmedia.com
Mon Jan 7 17:31:09 PST 2008

Wayne N5WD wrote
> If anyone has a pointer to a two-channel digital recorder like that, please share!
> 73 Wayne N5WD


Many of the mp3 players from iRiver (iriver.com) do direct encoding to 
mp3 from a line level input. Here's the setup: Connect the HTs headphone 
jack to the line in of the player. Connect your headphones to the 
player's headphone jack. You hear what the radio hears.

I use the iFP700 which gives many hours of recording from one AA 
battery. Many options for encoding quality too. The iFP800 does the same 
stuff as well as some of the T series.  Works great.

Bst 73,

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